Sunday 24 February 2013

Five Faves #71

 It seems ages since I felt the urge to put together a Five Faves post, most probably because I'm always busy cataloguing my finds over here. Hmmm, yes...  As much as I love it, pinterest can be a litte overwhelming sometimes, there's just so much to sort through and share.

Today's selection is for kids. Six lovely links for your little ones (an extra one for good measure). I hope they make you smile. Enjoy!

Thanks for the inspiration:



  1. Oh indeed it is making me smile, off to explore, thanks, you are amazing x

  2. What is the fifth image down, I love it?

    1. Follow Zoe de las cases on FB Janet, you will find more pictures from her new collection on there.

  3. Lovely finds, as always, specially Plingsulli's posters and geometry set!

  4. Deborah, thank you for sharing my TIPI :)
    It´ available now in two sizes and 20 colours from wandlounge:

  5. Ah ha, got it, thanks Deborah x

  6. Oh I love those creature dolls, especially the swan.


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