Sunday 17 February 2013

Stitchin' & Sunshine


I've had yet another memorable weekend, enjoying the exquisite company of Lau, Myriam, Lydia (les copirates!) and Valérie yesterday. We spent the better part of the sunny day at a flea market in Villeneuve Les Avignon and all came away with some really beautiful finds. I am in love with my new well-worn, well-mended apron, antique wrist warmers and WW1 nurse's bag, adorned with handembroidered initials.


  1. Belles trouvailles! Vous avez passé un magnifique WE toutes les 4 on dirait ! ;o)

  2. Lucky Lady
    I hope you have a good week to follow this splendid weekend.

  3. What wonderful treasures you found!! Love them all but specially the nurse's bag. Oh and the apron, so loved..!! :)

  4. Heureuse de découvrir ton univers, c'est tout doux comme il me faut. Merci de ce clin d'oeil et j'espère à une autre fois.

  5. What a lovely post, the images are fabulous...makes me think spring might be here soon...

  6. sous le soleil exactement
    Gaité et trouvailles


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