Friday 22 February 2013

So Shady

So Shady.
Hmmm, well it used to be, until last week when our neighbours decided to chop down five magnificent pine trees in their garden. A sad sight when we came home that day...

Luckily we're surrounded by greenery here in the country though; beautiful shades, wherever you look.

I can feel a green interior fetish coming on, just a few, well chosen pieces dotted amongst all the grey, black and white. 

Yes, I like that idea a lot.

1 & 8:  Kate Davis-Macleod for Plaza Magazine.
4: Henri Del Olmo for Côté Sud, Feb/March 2013
The rest by me.



  1. Oh so sad, love pine trees. And about that feeling. I vote for that, green is my favorite colour.

  2. Oh :-C I don't like that.
    I am busy guerilla gardening and popping trees in places where I think they would be good hoping that no one notices so they are left to flourish

  3. I love green too, such a calming colour. Sad about the trees.

  4. Think of all the veggies you'll be able to grow now! x

  5. I just love the rest by U!!


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