Friday, 22 February 2013

So Shady

So Shady.
Hmmm, well it used to be, until last week when our neighbours decided to chop down five magnificent pine trees in their garden. A sad sight when we came home that day...

Luckily we're surrounded by greenery here in the country though; beautiful shades, wherever you look.

I can feel a green interior fetish coming on, just a few, well chosen pieces dotted amongst all the grey, black and white. 

Yes, I like that idea a lot.

1 & 8:  Kate Davis-Macleod for Plaza Magazine.
4: Henri Del Olmo for Côté Sud, Feb/March 2013
The rest by me.



  1. Oh so sad, love pine trees. And about that feeling. I vote for that, green is my favorite colour.

  2. Oh :-C I don't like that.
    I am busy guerilla gardening and popping trees in places where I think they would be good hoping that no one notices so they are left to flourish

  3. I love green too, such a calming colour. Sad about the trees.

  4. Think of all the veggies you'll be able to grow now! x

  5. I just love the rest by U!!


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