Thursday 6 June 2013

Shop Watch: Mavis & Osborn

You know what, every so often I come across an exciting shop and deep down, because I strive to be original, I just want to keep it to myself! I have known about Tamzin Hawkins' promising new label for a while now. Although she's originally from New Zealand, she was lucky (I choose my words carefully here!) to spend four years near my home town in West Yorkshire, England. We've never met, but from the emails we've exchanged I kind of feel as if I know her, or at least that 'she gets' why I often miss Ilkley Moors

 Mavis & Osborn is now in its second season and business is going from strength to strength. Although Tamzin currently only sells online and in one shop in Wellington, New Zealand (Check out the Design Loft, it looks like my kinda place!), she is looking to send her range out to a few international stores next year (now's the time to  contact her if you're interested in stocking an upandcoming kiwi brand!).

Mavis & Osborn (her grandparents' names) - the local clothier caters for new borns up to 14 year olds but also offers a few select home accessories (love that leather & cotton travel bag!) and clothes for men and women. I can just tell I'd feel comfortable and stylish wearing the long dress in the second picture down. Other girls' favorites include this cape, tutu and reverse it vest, from the 13WinterWild collection (yes, out of season for us but 100% wool so never out of fashion), which I love.

One to look out for I think. Make sure you follow them here, here or here.

13WinterWild Collection illustrations by Joscha Van Deijk.

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