Thursday 4 October 2012

Oh Georges!

I like Georges,
I always have done from afar.
He's just had a facelift, a revamp, peau neuve, call it what you will.
He's quite unique, I think, simple, handmade and well-designed.
Magnets, music boxes, balsawood squares to decorate your wall..
Georges likes to surprise, 


  1. Georges a l'air bien intéressant, ma foi ! J'y jetterai un coup d'oeil :) Merci de le partager ici. Tout à fait ma tasse de thé. (enfin, de café, en ce qui me concerne) oxox

  2. merci beaucoup deborah pour cet article ! merci merci merci....

  3. I love the wooden boxes with the sprouts coming out of them. Such a sweet surprise. Makes you wonder what they'll grow into. Must visit him to say hello for you.


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