Sunday 14 October 2012

Shop Watch: Sunday Market

  Wake Up! Wake Up!
It's time to go the Sunday Market!

The French blogworld is a-buzzing!
We've all been waiting for the grand opening of
Anne and Aurélie's new shop.

Beautifully styled, bien sûr, and full to the brim with products from near and afar,
Sunday Market will delight and surprise.

 Allez !
To market, to market to buy a...


  1. merci Deborah.
    et joyeux Dimanche

  2. Oui je pense que 3 clientes sur 4 étaient des blogueuses!

  3. Tout est magnifique! Super post

  4. I love the photo of the bike with the baskets stacked on top of it. Such a wonderful name for a shop. Makes me think of all things pleasant and relaxing. The photos show that too. Congrats on the new shop!


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