Monday 22 February 2010

Bring Me the Spring!

Happy Monday Morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. After a week of non-stop rain and general gloom and doom we braved the elements yesterday and went for a bracing walk on the beach here. The sea was wild and so was the wind. It was a perfect day for Savannah to master the art of kite-flying, which she did admirably, and we ran and played and laughed as we struggled against a storm. It was fun!
Today, however, Savannah is running a temperature, and coughing and spluttering in bed. Back to square one. Miles was sick all last week and now it's ma princesse. Not fun!
So, I thought I'd cheer myself up with some pretty images and usher in the spring.

Hanging egg cup decorations by Domestic Candy*

A pile of cups to be washed by Anna Emilia

Pink crocheted pot holder, Fine Little Shop

Tillylinarosa by Fideli Sundqvist, Kodomo 468

Beach Hut cards by Charlotte Macey, All Things Original

Yellow vintage dress c. 1925, Belle Heir

Seven tents by Gretchenmist

Have some fun, original ACEO art card by Noodle and Lou

I've almost reached my 500th post milestone so I'm working on a few really special posts. I'll be organising a small giveaway to mark the occasion and hopefully my little shop will be opening around the same time. I've decided to spend some quality time with my family this week as Mr B will be on holiday for a few days. We have a couple of trips and activities planned if the weather holds up and the kids feel better, so I'm looking forward to that. I also need to finish ma petite boutique, spring clean my laptop (where did all these bookmarks come from???) , rearrange my blog a bit and maybe get some sleep!
Oh, I'm also considering accepting sponsorship applications once my shop is up and running.

Voilà, my latest news.
See you all later in the week!

*Found via Jurianne Matter


  1. Lovely group-- those cups are so cute. Hope you accomplish all that you mention! Have fun.

  2. So many fun things to look at...(keeping us busy Deborah)...well, I am off to take a looksee at these talented artists!
    Have a great day.

  3. What an adorable post, filled with so much light and loveliness.

  4. thinking of your little ones and sending get well wishes . your choices to usher a spring feel are such fun!

  5. Bon courage pour finir ta petite boutique

  6. All such lovely things they look perfect together.

  7. love the kite flying little's tres adorable!

    have a great day...
    looking forward to your 500th post!

  8. lovely images, that dress is to die for.
    Hope your princesse is on the mend, looking forward to shop & best wishes for it all.

  9. aww...hope everyone feels better soon. i am longing for spring as well!! tired of snow and the sniffles!! such lovely images of spring...thanks for including my little gals:):):) happy week to you! xox...jenn

  10. bring it to me too :-)
    bon rétablissement à ta princesse, et merci encore et toujours pour ces jolies découvertes! la robe jaune, JE LA VEUX (pour le printemps!!)

  11. Que de belles choses, on a envie de tout acheter, mais on doit souvent se contenter de regarder, un peu comme dans une galerie. Je te remercie de m'offrir autant de belles images, qui vivent en moi pendant longtemps.
    Belle semaine.

  12. 500 posts! Congratulations Deborah - I have very much enjoyed your blog and your lovely sense of style over the past year. ( I love the Gretchenmist tents image!)

  13. Adorable finds as always. Hope everyone is feeling much better today, and congrats on 500 posts!

  14. Oh dear Deb, coming from a house that has just rid itself of the dreaded lurgy ;.. I know how you feel. WIll think of you tomorrow as I pass near you on my way to Forcalquier and then on to Allos. Let me know if I can bring you some springtime smiles. In the mean time - LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING THAT SHOP!!

  15. Reviens vite, j'ai hate !

  16. i don't have to tell you- i love your posts! Happy 500th!! I CANNOT wait for the shop!! How exciting! xoxoxo

  17. Oh, I can relate to the feeling-under-the-weather! Fortunately it always passes. Thank you so much for the kind words on my blog. It's always nice to know someone can sympathize. I can't believe you've accomplished 500 posts and I've just recently found you! I love your finds and what IS it about those teacups that makes me want to squeeze them....oh, and those tents, too...and all the rest...tons of cuteness!

  18. the mixed media kite flying is just lovely and the egg cups are so sweet - we need more colour to bring in the spring!


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