Sunday 28 February 2010

Sally and Peter Nencini

Snap Cards by Abbatt Toys

It was my interest in Abbatt* and Galt Toys that led me to the Nencinis last Summer. Sally loves vintage toys and has built up quite a collection from the '60s and '70s.

Wooden traffic jigsaw by Galt

Wooden number set by Abbatt Toys

I'm a huge fan of these toys, so you can expect to see quite a few in my Kickcan & Conkers shop next week.

Routemaster wooden jigsaw by Abbatt Toys, Kickcan & Conkers

Sally is a designer and a maker with a background in fashion. She has always loved textiles, surface pattern, texture and vintage fabrics. Last year she took part in the Dulwich Festival Artists' Open House event (something I love, and wish there were more of in France, like the Artists Open Houses in Brighton) selling her lambswool toys, cushions, baby blankets and "tea" bags made from vintage tea towels.

You will find more information about these beautiful designs/products on her new website and in her etsy and folksy shops.

Play designed by Peter Nencini

Peter Nencini is a freelance illustrator, designer and lecturer (Camberwell College of Arts). He has one of the most interesting blogs I've ever come across (three actually, see links on his site).
Peter is currently working on his Make Do Type project, a large family of modular interchangeable printing blocks.

I love these woodcuts, beautiful objects in their own right.

Following their success at the Midcentury Modern Fair in London last November, Sally and Peter are working towards Kid's Modern, held at Dulwich College, 18th April. I'm hoping to go this year, to meet Julia from Winter's Moon, and see Sally and Peter's new upholstery work.

Since bringing up a young family, Sally has retrained in upholstery. "Each of her bespoke pieces is a unique response to the vintage chair and its character; the story of its use and its user". "Each chair carries a narrative, out of its source ou use or time and place of making".

The Tyrella Chair's narrative was fed by the couple's Summer in County Down
Peter draws and Sally stitches and re-upholsters.

Calligraphic Dining Room Chairs:
Embroidery designed by Peter Nencini, embroidery and re-upholstering by Sally Nencini

Peter and Sally will work to commission, sourcing furniture around a brief or responding to a family piece in need of reworking. Their latest piece, the Shoe Stool, is amazing.

Their brief was "to source a low chair to sit upon when putting on and taking off shoes; to make a typographic drawing about this action and the sensation of entering and leaving behind the world outside one's door." The text is taken from Gaston Bachelard's Poetics of Space (full details of the process on Peter's blog, here).

I hope you've enjoyed this bumper, all-encompassing post. It's very difficult to do justice to this couple's work in such a small space, so I strongly advise that you sit down with a cuppa or whatever takes your fancy and browse both their sites. I'm sure you'll find Peter and Sally's work and thoughts very inspiring.

This was my 498th post folks, almost reached the big 500!

* Nice post on Abbatt Toys here in French.


  1. the wooden nummer set jigsaw is my favorite a piece of art

  2. What a MAGIC SUNDAY !!! Thanks so much, so many crazy stuff !!!

  3. Wow! What a list of beauty in this post! I am going to check it out one by one.

  4. Stunning! The furniture and the wooden handwerks, wow!

  5. You always manage to find some wonderful treasures that are nostalgic and bring elements of my childhood back to me. Good job!

  6. Wow! what an amazing Sunday of posts from Deb, Incredible, Thank you. x

  7. So cute again and little bit funny too :)

  8. Wonderful post, filled with so much good stuff. I love that cream chair they did together.
    But those vintage are just sooooo good. I can see why you love them

  9. those first four toys are adorable

  10. Hey Deborah. Thanks for this, as you say, bumper post! Hope we'll get to meet you at Kids.Modern.

  11. What a great post! Thanks for sharing that. Love it.

  12. Amazing! Thank you for sharing.

    I am looking forward to have a browse in your shop!

    Kiss Guusje

  13. Hooray for south-east London, full of creative people! Great post.
    I will also be taking a space at kidsModern this year - hope to see you there!

  14. what wonderful talent and inspiration, going to check them out, thank you!!

  15. I love vintage toys, planning a post on all the Brio toys left from me and my sister's childhood.

  16. Great post! Their work is really interesting and beautiful.

  17. Lovely! The chair with the embroidered writing on it is my favourite.

  18. j'avais vu sa collection mais je ne connaissais pas ses réalisations. Je suis emballée par ce travail à deux mains pour réaliser ces broderies

  19. I didn't know embroidery could look so cool! Those chairs are beautiful.


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