Sunday 7 February 2010

Une semaine à Paris

Last week was Dylan's week. Toute une semaine devoted to film in Paris. It was the first time we'd been away together for so long, and also the first time I'd left Savannah and Miles at home with Papa... all quite strange, and difficult at times for les petits. I left with a long list of places and exhibitions to visit but nothing went to plan. Mon grand (in more ways than one - almost 14 years old and 1.85m tall!) went to Paris for a stage d'observation, a work placement, to get an idea of what it's like out there in the real world and help teenagers decide what they want to study at the Lycée. Dylan is very artistic, he dances, sings, draws, acts... you name he does it, so he's obviously interested in a bac littéraire.

We both spent our week in Paris immersed in the film world. Dylan's stage was at the CNC (French Film/TV institute/archive/regulatory authority). He managed to get a good look around the various departments, learn how films are made, discover various genres, take part in two film classification commissions and visit one of the top French film schools La Femis in the former Pathe Studios where he met Elisabeth Depardieu. Quite a week! One of the highlights for me was our trip to the Cinématèque française, and the oh so magical exhibition Lanterne Magique et film peint - 400 ans de cinéma. If you're lucky enough to be in Paris between now and 28th of March, please go and visit this exhibition, you'll love it!

I paid a quick visit to the Playmobil exhibition that everyone is talking about but was a tad disappointed, probably because I never really played with Playmobil. My annual trip to see the Egyptian Antiquities collection at the Louvre was as fascinating as ever, however.

On a lighter note, it was great to spend some time with my sister, who flew to Paris for a couple of days (in a plane, I hasten to add, but she has just done her first parachute jump, so bravo Rach!).

Back in a jiffy with some nice pics...


  1. elles avaient l'air very nice ces vacances!

  2. To study in Paris would be SO wonderful...what an oppertunity!

  3. Une belle semaine, en duo...c'est une bonne idée.
    Nous irons voir l'expo de la cinémathèque, merci.
    belle semaine.

  4. How totally fascinating and what a wonderful experience! Kids have so many more advantages these days, don't they? I do admit it makes me a tad green but so very happy for them at the same time ;) Lovely to read about your experiences - thanks for sharing them. Kx

  5. The Lanterne Magique exhibition looks wonderful. You are lucky to have visited it. Your week in Paris sounds truly inspiring.

  6. nice that you and your son were in Paris together! precious memories...

  7. Sigh - when you explain it that way, I miss Paris too!!


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