Sunday 14 February 2010

Ru Ru Ru

Catchy tunes on Japanese breakfast TV! Shakiin is an NHK educational TV programme for primary school children. The Ru-ru-ru no uta song teaches kids words ending in the 'ru' sound.
Have fun!

Found via MUS


  1. Wow! These are surreal and cool and quite an interesting image to be teaching children with! Interesting and bizarre!

  2. heheehee! funny and colorful, i'll surely start my morning to these fellows.

  3. It's very funny. I laughed a lot ! They just use a list of verbs/adjectives to make the song hence the 'ru' terminaison : circular, glow, get up, see, howl, run, jump, and so forth... It reminds me the tv shows I watched when I was a kid.
    My sister's kids now watches this one.


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