Saturday 7 August 2010

Jon Carling

The Journey of Herme's Son

Led by a Creature White as Snow

Jon Carling's pen and ink drawings are exactly the kind of thing my teenage son Dylan loves.
In fact, I'm pretty sure that all three of my children will enjoy this Oakland-based illustrator / designer's artwork, which is why I'm bookmarking these two mini comics for their stocking fillers and birthdays.

Luis vs The Skeletons and Eskimo both unfold to reveal a full-colour poster and they include a sticker - all for the price of 3 USD!


  1. This is lovely and I am bookmarking it myself.

  2. WOW...such great drawings....thanks for sharing.

  3. these are beautiful. I like them too, and I'm not a teenage boy

  4. These are lovely,I did not know Jon Carling's work and I am glad you showed us ,I like his style.Clear drawings made on antique and old paper so I read on Etsy.Thanks.

  5. I bought these little fold outs a few months ago - for myself! They're lovely, and he threw in a little sticker of the rabbit on the alligator. He's on facebook for those of you who would like to follow him. He posts images of his work regularly.


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