Tuesday 31 August 2010

Awkward People

I'm sure you'll all agree, Keitaro Sugihara's Awkward People are anything but awkward.
If you're not convinced by Spica, Beard Baron and Dr. Potato, sit down and watch this beautiful, beautiful Small Wonderland animation featuring his imaginary creatures.

Love at first sight!*

Keitaro is a man of many talents, as you can see from his diverse online portfolio.

His current projects include working as an art director/illustrator for a fashion brand and designing a corporate calendar for 2011.

He has just had his first children's book published in Japan, and if you're smitten as I am, keep an eye on The Current Show where Keitaro's prints will soon be available for purchase.

I think I need to watch that video again...

all images © keitaro sugihara


  1. A lovely pace to the animation, beautiful colour and style, I am charmed.

  2. whis I was that awkward, they are just amazingly great! How do you find things like that, wow.

  3. merci pour cette magnifique découverte! Bonne journée,Samantha

  4. how delightful that video!
    thank you!

  5. Thank you for showing it, i love Keitaro Sugihara´s work!!

  6. Great work! Wonderful animation although I do feel it is a bit too slow...

  7. Utterly gorgeous! Such a stunning work and inspiration. Thank you for sharing, Deborah. xm

  8. a simply lovely video. Thanks!


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