Saturday 21 August 2010

No News is Good News

So, have you heard anything from that Yorkshire lass on holiday in the UK?

Nope. Not a word. Not even so much as a postcard. I reckon she must having a good time...

Well, I heard that she was home, had a wonderful holiday and was busy unpacking.

She asked me to introduce myself, you know. Thought it was a good idea that I did the talking, for all of us, so...

Roll up! Roll Up!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Girls and Boys

We're bright and shiny, colourful and quirky and we'll make you smile

Take a look at this shop and this shop to begin with

But watch out, we'll be popping up everywhere soon!

How did I do?


  1. Welcome back!! Hope you had a wonderful time at home. Nice to see your new post, very cute dolls!

  2. welcome back! the nesting dolls are great aren't they?!

  3. glad you had a nice holiday, sorry about the weather here in the UK!! love these circus nesting dolls:)

  4. Bon retour ! Tes petites trouvailles nous manquaient bien !

  5. Sooo wonderful. you could design a whole room around these!


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