Sunday 8 August 2010

Five Faves #21


Hello everyone! I hope you're all enjoying your weekend.
We're still enjoying the glorious weather here, spending most of our time at the beach.
I don't want Summer to end!

Ready for my Five Faves?
Off we go then...

1) Favourite Project - In Search of Eustache*

2) Favourite Object - Tables/Containers by Gonçalo Compos**

3) Favourite Little Houses - Talking to Volcano

3) Favourite Little Vehicules - Archetoys***

5) Favourite Children's Blog - Helen Ainen

Rendez-vous tomorrow for Colour My Monday - it's gonna be great!
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** via
*** via

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  1. wow. that blog is so much loveliness it hurts. thank you for sharing it.


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