Sunday 29 August 2010

Five Faves #23

Well, time for my Five Faves.
It's been a short week so I didn't think that I'd have enough time or material to put together an interesting collection. How wrong I was! Thank you for all the inspiration, your creativity and imagination never ceases to amaze me!
Happy Sunday!

1) Favourite Soft Toy - Hug-a-Cloud by Goodbye Blue Monday*
I mean, c'mon, just look at those legs!

2) Favourite Children's Bedroom - Jenni's Girl's
With dresses, patchwork, origami, dolls and doll cushions all made by Jenni!

3) Favourite Kids' Fashion Find - Kab'nKa**

4) Favourite Jewellery Design By Kids - FormiaDesign***

5) Favourite Affordable Art - Cards

* via
** via ?
*** via


  1. that girlsroom!!

    and i love the boysclothes!

    well. like all your faves ;-)

    happy sunday!

  2. fantastic stuff. you are fantastic in finding great things. i like your blog so much!!!

  3. thank you for brightening up my day!

  4. kari anne's teddy's are divine Deborah! I recognise the cushion style I think - have you highlighted these before? Lovely!

  5. You won "Beautiful Blogger award" in my blog! Now I ask you to give it to 7 other bloggers. Also you should tell 7 things about yourself! :)
    Please visit in my blog and copy that award-picture.

  6. lovely to be included in your fab five faves Deb
    & what a wonderful collection (meself excluded) you have there!

  7. OH OH OH OH!!! The jewellry the diffrent artwork, the room, but MOST MOST OF ALL THOSE TEDDY CARDSSSSSSSSS!!!!! AHHHHH! xo

  8. the little cloud is so sweet.

    we are just catching up on your blog as we've been so busy of late - hope your trip to the uk was lovely, deb.

  9. Merci Merci c'est très chouette
    Crois tu que je pourrai mettre une de ces images sur JojO , pour compléter le post ...
    Je file vite sur son site , en découvrir plus ...


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