Friday 27 August 2010

Toy Horse Travels

"Being an object that doesn't change or move, my challenge is to create a different, thoughtful scene every day"

Cassia Beck of Lola's Room, Cassia Rose and Violet May fame (see previous post) played with a toy horse when she was a child.

She has decided to photograph it every day for a year and is hoping to make her collection into a book. You can follow the project on her horse blog and buy prints of her daily images from her etsy store Lola's Room.




  1. I love these photos and I just love this idea! How fabulous. Thanks Deb. Kx

  2. I always wanted to do that with a super ugly troll I have from Norway but since I am sure it has been done, I have never tried.

  3. Love this! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely, Deb. I used to be a horsy lover.
    (when I was younggggggggg)

  5. This is so beautiful! I was a horse mad child and these images really connect with me :-)

  6. I love toy horses! We have them alot at home, because my daugther is such a horse addikt.

  7. Emilie is completely crazy about horses and toy horses, she'll love this blog!!


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