Wednesday 11 August 2010

Which One?


Vintage Peugeot Wood Coffee Mill - La Pomme

Vintage Café au Lait Bowl - La Petite Brocante

Collection of Old French Coffee Bowls - 3sousunparapluie



Tea Wire Sculptures by Helaina Sharply

Good Morning!
I am a coffee lover, if not addict. I only like my milky morning coffee (s!) in a big French bowl, similar to the ones above. Don't they look nice grouped together?
Helaina Sharply is very much into tea, it's her first love in fact. If you live near Stafford in England, she will be showing a few of her handmade tea-inspired pieces at Unit12's Polly Put The Kettle On exhibition, running from September 2nd to October 30th. Unit12 is a new contemporary craft exhibition and art workshop space run by Jennifer Collier, one of my favourite paper artists. Keep an eye on her exhibition programme, bringing together some of the finest contemporary crafters/makers in the UK. (Off) White Christmas and Wonderland have definitely piqued my curiosity.


  1. I'm a tea girl all the way.
    I love all these images too.

  2. tea for the win!

  3. Coffee! Definately, and the french bowls are absolutely lovely


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