Sunday 18 December 2011

Give Me Three #87

It was fairly busy in Montpellier yesterday. There's a big Christmas market on Place de La Comédie with lots of different stalls. It was pretty cold so we treated ourselves to some hot churros. Savannah was over the moon because she found 1.20 EUR on the floor and put it in her new little handbag. We walked on a bit. Within half an hour she'd spent up, she gave all of it to a freezing middle-aged woman sat on the floor with a sign saying "I'm ashamed but I'm hungry".

Times are hard, all over the planet.
Christmas is all about giving, isn't it?


  1. Beautiful act of kindness, beautiful post

  2. Wonderful Savannah! :) Yep, in the name of giving...

  3. What a wonderful thing for Savannah to do! You must be so proud Deb :) Lovely post. Kx


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