Friday 16 December 2011

Playing with Pattern in Poland

Toy axe. Polychromy on wood, painted geometric ornamentation. Haft decorated with a painted, diagonal stripe around the circumference. Kraków, early 20th c.

Red wool decorations on the sleeves of man's sukmana coat, the so-called chrzanówka.
Western Krakowiak Folk, Kraków-Bronowice, early 20th c.

 Black felt hat (3081) decorated with the so-called raki, or a leather strap with brass studs (15813).Szczawnica Highlanders, Szczawnica, P. Nowy Targ, early 20th c.

 Embroidered openings (no pockets) on the side of man's płótnianka coat.
Eastern Krakowiak Folk, Proszowice, 19th-20th c. 

Decorated fastening of a woman's kaftanik bodice: black velvet appliqué with embroidered flowers, trimmed with silk tape. Western Krakowiak Folk, probably Modlnica area, P. Kraków, 1920s-1930s (?) 

Over eight hundred entries describing exhibits selected by us from the collections of the Ethnographic Museum in Krakow form a specific catalogue of colours, motifs, fabrics and form.

I could spend hours playing around with the Ethnographic Pattern Book

If I were a toy or a fashion designer, this is where I would seek my inspiration.

Look here and here
I definitely need to go back in, when I have more time. 




  1. moi aussi j'aime me perdre dans ce type d'album... jolie selection! Belle Journée..

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  3. wow wee, what a collection!
    Fabulous link Deb, thanks for sharing, clever you.

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