Friday 30 December 2011

Let's Face It

It's been a great year
Thanks for all the inspiration!


  1. Thank YOU, Deborah!
    PS : In Germany, little pigs are supposed to bring good luck and you often find them on New Year cards, so your first picture fists perfectly well.

  2. Thank you Deb, and very best wishes for 2012, may all our new ventures flourish,
    jess x

  3. Dear Deborah, Best wishes and Happy New year!...xx
    you did amazing this year!!!

  4. Thank you for all marvellous things appearing on your blog...I'm looking forward to what will come and wish you a Wonderful New Year...

  5. Happy New Year dear Deb!
    Thanks so much for always sharing such treasures with us!
    Your blog is such an inspiration.
    And a belated congratulations to your shop!


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