Tuesday 20 December 2011

Shop Watch: Kickcan & Conkers

That's it!
Shop Watch
Get it?
 No, I'm only pulling your leg.

Two and a half years ago  I bought a beautiful 1950's toy shop at a French flea market. I decided that I didn't want to go back to translating monotonous telecommunications manuals after maternity leave so I started to write a blog.

It's taken me all this time to get here. It has been a wonderful, exciting, enriching journey and I can't wait to wake up each morning to discover new artwork, share new finds and connect with new talented, interesting people around the world.

Last year, Michelle Marshall left a comment voting for Kickcan & Conkers in a blogging competition. She said that my blog was " a visual treasure box for young and old alike". I love that, and in time I really hope that my little shop will be like that too.

It's very small, but it's a start. You will see that I do not follow fashion, I never have done and never will. I love so many things, old and new. I've featured quite a few of the items in my shop on K&C before, long ago. They've appeared on other sites since but I still like them as much because they're different.

The people I have chosen to work with are all people I admire. I believe they have something special and will go far. I'd like to thank them for their patience and support.

Kickcan & Conkers isn't just for kids, it's quirky, nostalgic, design-led and will hopefully make you smile.

So, I hope you won't be too disappointed by its size and that you will look forward to all the other wonderful things I will be adding as of tomorrow...


Thanks for waiting so long, 
A new adventure begins,
It's over here

Shipping: To make it easier I'm offering a flat-rate for postage & packing till 15th January 2012. If you live in France, choose France at check-out, in Europe choose United Kingdom at check-out and the Rest of The World, choose United States. Thank you so much for all your orders!


  1. Félicitations Déborah, enfin on va découvrir ta caverne d'Ali Baba ! Champagne !

  2. Félicitation!!! So many things I would buy... I love it! It was well worth the wait... I wish you much much much success! Guess what I'm talking about tomorrow? Thank you for all your hard work, you make my days better!

  3. Congratulations Deborah!!!! It is fantastic, far from too small and there is not a piece that I don't love. From the paper house to the wooden dolls, it is wonderful. I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world for this new adventure.

  4. This is so wonderful! I'm so excited!

  5. WOW Deborah!
    Congratulations. Your shop is well worth the wait. Bonne chance, Marjorie

  6. congratulations! everything is VERY well put together, photographed and just calls "buy me"! love it. great job!

  7. Congratulations, Deborah on this beautiful shop of treasures & wonders! My best wishes to you on this new venture.

  8. So exciting!!! We've all been waiting for this wonderful day ;)
    Congratulations Deb. Kx

    p.s. I just tried to buy the 'Alright Brooch' and it said you don't ship to Australia...? I'm hoping it's a glitch in the system :)

  9. oh deborah it's absolutely wonderful. what a lovely treasures, i LOVE everything single item in your shop! so exciting, well done... wishing you all the best with your new adventure. love, mady xxx

  10. looks so nice deborah,congratulations with your great work.

  11. look so nice deborah,congratulations with your great work...!

  12. What a fabulous day for you Deborah! A new adventure is born and wishing you success and happiness!! Congratulations! x

  13. I love your shop! Congratulations, it is so special :) x Ingrid

  14. Génial très chouette ton shop, quelle sélection!!!!! Good luck...bonne journée

  15. Congratulations on the shop. You have some amazing stuff in there ♥

  16. De jolis trésors dans un bel écrin :) sélection très pointue !

  17. Your shop looks wonderful.......hope one day I have a reason to buy something!
    Good Luck.

  18. Félicitations!!!! on l'attendait depuis longtemps!
    Des très belles choses; j'adore les jouets à monter en carton!
    Longue vie à K&C shop!!!

  19. Brilliant Deborah, it's looking really good, up up and away!

  20. It’s fantastic Deborah - well done. You have a wonderful collection there - and I wasn’t expecting to see new things in there too (thought it would all be vintage treasures), so you have a really nice balance. Lovely to see things that were part of my childhood too (the bus and transport puzzles). I think we had those at my nana’s house growing up. All the very best with it, you deserve it :) x

  21. waouw waouw waouw!!!!


  22. Hip! Hip! Hurrrrrra!
    Congratulation Deborah! I'm so happy and glad to see it! What a great present to your self and to us for Christmas! I'm afraid I will immediately go and buy all the great Polish finds -where did you got it ? ;-)
    "Mieso-Wedliny-Drob " ohhh I can't stop smiling - when I looking at it!
    Thank you for bringing to live K&C shop and Good Luck with new challenge! Agata

  23. Love love love!! Well done Deborah!

  24. I love your blog from the day I discovered it!

  25. BRAVO Deborah. C'est rempli de merveilles!

  26. Congratulations! So much beauty!! Love it all:)

  27. OH Deb how how exciting!! been wondering about this! xo

  28. Youpie! félicitations, Deborah!

  29. Congratulations and a huge good luck from me! Lovely things in there!

  30. you are
    a stylish
    and generous
    and i want
    to wish you
    lots of luck
    and laughter
    with your new
    stylish venture
    passed by
    your shop
    if i were rich
    seasons delights


  31. Thank you very much Deborah, for being there.
    Your job is so inspirer for others.
    And thank you very much for your support and dfusion to the "small" creators, craftsmen, collectors, ...

    The selection is great! I knew I'd be surprised!
    And it's only the beginning.

    Bravo Deborah!

  32. you have a shop! how lovely - now we can all have a little bit of kickcan&conkers! and you will be getting to know your post office very well I am sure! lots of luck and a very happy christmas

  33. Congratulations on your shop! Lots of wonderful things! Very exciting.

  34. Congratulations Deb, it is indeed a treasure trove! Already I have fallen in love with most of the things in there, especially the toy piano. How I'd love to hear that plinky plonking in the background :)

  35. Bravo Déborah ! J'étais si curieuse de la découvrir.....

  36. Congrats Deborah, it was worth the wait! I like your selection very much, looking forward to your new additions.

  37. Wow so much goodies! Congrats, wonderful shop Deaborah :)

  38. wow! it's awesome. well worth the wait. x

  39. Lorsqu'un de nos blogs préférés ouvre la porte à ses trésors, cela ne peut être que réjouissant! Félicitations et good luck!

  40. Hello Deborah, just wanted to say congratulations on opening the shop, I just posted about it in my blog. Good luck with your new venture. Regards and happy Christmas from freezing London. Marga

  41. It's so lovely, Deborah! And affordable, too. Congratulations!!!
    Talk about size... it's huge! When i'll open my shop at last, i'll be happy to have three items. :)

    Have lots of fun and success with it!


  42. what a happy surprise - I have been waiting so long for your shop to open. Amazing things you have collected - so happy for you and your shop :) merry chirstmas to you and your family, and a happy new year.



  43. Hi Deborah,

    I hope that you've been enjoying a nice break and that Santa brought lots of sweet treats your way! I keep meaning to stop by and tell you that I think your shop is lovely. So many delightful things gathered together in one place. It will be wonderful to watch it change and evolve with each new find and treasure added. I've put a link in the shop list on my blog.

    It's a rare and inspiring to see a dream take hold.

    Thank-you for being such an inspiration, Anna xo


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