Saturday 3 November 2012

Terrific Toys from Torafu

I think I was probably as excited as this little girl when I discovered these wonderful new dowel-block toys from Torafu Architects.

 Made from polyester decorative plywood, the different shaped dowel blocks have holes on five sides allowing them to be connected three-dimensionally in an infinite number of ways. I am absolutely sure that my imaginative, building-mad seven year old son Miles would love playing with this set, priced at 8,800 JPY (approx 85 EUR).

 In a similar vein, Torafu Architects have recently designed a very colourful set of Koloro tangram magnets

and nine Koloro book stands, made from cutoffs from their Koloro desks.

I'm not sure about international shipping or stockists, but all three products can be found online at


Photos: Ikihiro Ito


  1. Great great Christmas gift for both my kids! Thanks Deb! -x- Rozalinde

  2. J'avais pas vu que tu l'avais posté aussi...c'est extra ce truc!


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