Sunday 25 November 2012

Inspiration: Le Vide Grenier d'une Parisienne

I've lived in France for what seems a life time. Twenty-six years in fact.

My tastes have changed, improving with age I'd say, but I have always loved going to flea markets, car boot sales and the like. 

Yesterday we went to Emmaus, sheer heaven if you like a good rummage. Today, it's flea market time, weather permitting.

There's always online shopping though, if you live far away, like to dream, or are looking for inspiration. France is the perfect place for that. Once you start really looking, getting deeper and deeper into the maze of small French blog shops, you'll see that it's fairly easy to find beautiful, original products at realistic prices. Like at Le Vide Grenier d'une Parisienne, par exemple ...
I've had my eye on a couple of things in this shop but you have to be quick. French connaisseurs know all the right boutiques, and I think Le Vide Grenier d'une Parisienne must be one of them.

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