Wednesday 28 November 2012

High Five #53

If I wasn't so busy at the moment, I would jump on a plane and go home to Yorkshire to visit my family and one of my favourite places in the UK, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

British artist Mark Hearld's Birds & Beasts exhibition looks wonderful (runs till 17.2.13), and his work must really come into its own in such magnificent surroundings. I thoroughly recommend a trip to the YSP, in any weather (well almost), the sculpture park is incredibly inspiring, and I sometimes wish that I had taken up the offer to study drama at Bretton Hall there, many moons ago.

The YSP shop is well worth the visit too (the only other place to sell Shino Suzuki's work, but you will also find upandcoming brands like Corby Tindersticks as well). I spotted these colourful fold out bird cards designed by Mark for Art Angels, and I can easily imagine them as Christmas decorations or wall hangings all year round.

Something bright,cheerful and of course, a little different, for this very miserable, damp day!


  1. I just saved a link on my blog to St Judes pictures! I wish I could go, as his work is so inspiring. The love bird hangings you have shown.

    1. Yes, Felicity, I saw St Judes' photos of the exhibition on Facebook yesterday

  2. I have just bought Mark's owl card it is absolutely lovely.

  3. I love museum stores. They seem to carry the coolest items. Thanks for clueing me in to the YSP shop. What a great place!


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