Thursday 22 November 2012

High Five #52


 A few weeks ago I discovered and shared Nancy Nicholson's beautiful embroidery kits on Facebook. I think these two designs would make a really special gift for someone crafty, an older child even with a bit of help from mum.

Nancy has recently launched her website and I'm sure some of you will appreciate her pretty, graphic interactive stationery and colouring books (bugs and birds, how can you go wrong?). 

There are no shortage of paper towns and Christmas decorations on the web right now, but I doubt you will find many as strikingly retro as these.

Love the colour palettes and those paper trees!


  1. Beautiful work - I'd seen her embroidery kits before, but didn't know she did stuff with paper too. Those baubles are gorgeous!

  2. Just love the cat design, absolutely beautiful and so unusual, heading over to Nancy's website right now! Thanks for sharing. Fleur x

  3. These are absolutely beautiful Deborah-the cat is incredible. Thanks so much for sharing! :-)

  4. Just checked out Nancy's website. Beautiful!

  5. Oh, me, oh my! I love them so much. You're right how can you go wrong!


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