Monday 19 November 2012

Z for Zéphyro


I cherish the one we have from Serendipity in Paris, to me, it's a little work of art.

Corinne Rabard's animal hooks are just as sweet, I think, and would make a beautiful gift for a child's room. It's nice to see Corinne exploring new creative avenues. I featured her colourful handmade wall hangings a long time ago, if you remember, and even selected one for my Bloesem Kids Gift Guide here (yes, I still love all those products too!).

Atelier Zéphyro's new one-off ceramic coathooks and brooches are available from the L'Illustre Boutique in Paris, and perhaps via Corinne's own blog (send her an email if anything takes your fancy in particular).

You can follow Zéphyro on facebook here.

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  1. oh, goodness, the mushroom one on her blog is so sweet! thanks for the introduction!


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