Tuesday 27 November 2012

To The Woods We Go

It's such a shame  I didn't spot Andrea' Tachezy's gorgeous illustrated mugs earlier. Of course, they've all sold out now, and FLER is not the easiest site in the world to buy from, but she will be making some more in the New Year. I'll let you know when she does,

It's always interesting to compare blogs and illustrative styles. Many of my favourite blogs are written by Czech artists, crafters and mums. Their approach to styling is quite different, so soft and poetic, I love the colour palettes they use. Andrea's Paper Theatre set is a perfect example. Perhaps you could send her an email if FLER is too hard to fathom out?


  1. Lovely post Deborah, I love those colour combos!

    - I've made some dolls with knitted bodies and clay head - love to know what you think! (http://dotpebbles.blogspot.co.uk)



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