Friday 23 November 2012


 Daniel Heath's work celebrates the blemishes of use, something which will always be central to my aesthetic. The passing of time, time-worn, the beauty of decay...

You may recall reading about his magnificent circus wallpaper and textiles a couple of years ago. His new designs are no less elaborate but perhaps more original, having being engraved on reclaimed, blemished Welsh roof slates for interior wall adornment
I am a simple Yorkshire lass at heart, viscerally drawn to granite, heather and slate. I would be more than happy to own just one of Daniel's tiles (hint!hint!) and I am sure that a whole wall of them would look striking.

Daniel's tiles come in various configurations and are flexible in orientation. They are all produced in the heart of East London.
My product of the day!

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  1. what a great idea and work! thank you for sharing and bon week-end!


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