Tuesday 2 March 2010

For Kids by Kids

I expect quite a few of you will already have heard about Aminals, a new range of huggable toys for children inspired by children's artwork. 100% cute, organic (GOTS-certified) and compostable, each of the eleven dolls, be it Eflant, Ceeta or Sistur, looks like one of my kids' drawings, and I'm sure you'll recognise your own children's squiggles and use of colour too.

These softies brought a smile to my face when I first saw them,*they reminded me of Savannah's first great love, Ernie from Sesame Street.

It was Ernie that accompanied her to pre-school, not her vintage Holly Hobbie doll bought years ago for my sister from Hamley's in London or her brand-new Strawberry Shortcake that she desperately begged us to buy, no, it had to be Ernie, near-bald Ernie (a fleamarket find well-past its prime), to my surprise. And I have never been a great fan of Ernie...

I've kept most of my children's drawings because I just can't throw them away. Dylan came up with some amazing monsters when he was little and I cherish our black and white family portrait signed by Savannah last year.

I wonder what Lucy Moose would make of this? I've been meaning to write about Lucy's stuffyourdoodles for a long time. What better present than a soft toy designed by your own child? When Lucy's finished with your little one's scribbles, you may end up looking like this
Send your children's drawings to Lucy and see them come to life. Have a quick glance at her gallery, these are some of the fun, imaginative toys I found.

Quite a few companies are starting to offer products designed by kids or incorporating children's artwork. I've seen similar Make your Own Monster Kits on F.A.O. Schwarz's website and Lila Pin in the UK will add a picture to her handmade cushions and bags (she makes some sweet pillows, so do have a look at her website).

I think one of my favourite doll kits is this drawing doll set from Israel. Merav Flam's Manuella boy and girl dolls come with a set of erasable pens for children to draw their own face and outfit. The dolls are washable so once they're bored you can pop them in the machine and let your little artists create a new companion, time after time.

I've found lots of other ideas for using and keeping children's artwork so I'll write another post later on. Anybody else seen any fun dolls or soft toys inspired by children's drawings?

* Chez Quinquabelle


  1. oH MY goodness....I just love this...
    I have never seen anything like it...and it's sheer brilliance!

    the closest thing I saw once was a woman on Martha Stewart who would turn childrens drawings into embroidered objects...that was cute..but this is sooo much better!

    esp. the blank canvas dolls...

    I'm smiling now...glad i popped in!

  2. love the squiggly toys at the top, they are so cool.

    I saw this ladies work the other day and thought you might like it, if you hadn't seen it already that is.

    this is her blog ... http://magdatrzaski.blogspot.com/

    and this is her website ... http://www.magdatrzaski.com/magda_trzaski/home.html

    hope you like it and hope you like our new look blog too.


  3. I adore these, kids drawings are fantastic.
    Have a look at the wonderful photography of Yeondoo Jung who makes photographs out of childrens drawings.

  4. Thanks Hazel, I've just had a look at these, they're great:)


  5. Well Im just flabbergasted. These are fantastic. I have already scanned and transferred the kids' drawings onto t-shirts etc but this is quite particularly TRES cool!! Thanks Deb!

  6. Oh these are great, I've stacks of my kids drawings that could be turned into softies, what a wonderful gift it would be for the illustrator to have there picture come to life!

  7. This is just magnificent Deb! What a truly wonderful find - thank you! Kx

  8. Wow! I didn't know that you could get your own kids drawing turned into something. Very cool. I've kept so many of my oldest's drawings, but she draws soooooooo much I have bins and bins filled. Now I'm at a point where I sort through and keep a couple things here and there, but I feel bad because Im the one "choosing" which one's to keep. Luckily the younger ones don't draw as much. Did I really just say that?


  9. Kreative Award
    To the wonderful Deb and her fantastic Blog and Tumbler.
    Please tell us seven things about yourself, and award this to seven blogs you most admire.

  10. J'adore toutes ces réalisations, c'est magnifique ! Pour moi c'est un réel coup de cœur. Tu nous enchantes encore, bravo et à bientôt.

  11. wow, fantastic, great, lovely... can`t find words for those animals! want to have one.

    thanks for your wishes to paul =) it was a nice birthday.

  12. Brilliant ideas. The animals are my favourite especially the lion.. he looks so happy with himself!

  13. Oh they just make everything so pretty, don't they.
    I never could through away a drawing (still can't) and so my attic is filled with maps full of drawings. Maybe it's nice to make a wallpaper patchwork :))

  14. I love that lion! I so wish I has a boy that liked stuffed animals. Alas, he is all aout the cars and balls. Such a boy!

  15. I love those Aminals!! I had not seen them before...thanks!

  16. Those aminals are fabulous! They remind me of one of my favourite designers 100Drine. Great post.

  17. I so love kids art...there no restrictions and they just know how to do it and make if fun and beautiful.

  18. hey...I think I saw them elsewhere too....but this is a lovely post so I've linked you in mine now.
    These aminals reminded me of my Nan sewing a toy for my brother using one of his drawings! It was the most amazing thing to get as a child! Your drawing come to life...almost!

  19. oh i love this post. i had not heard of animals before, thank you so much for sharing xx


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