Wednesday 1 December 2010


Happy 1st of December!
The countdown to Christmas has officially begun...
I'm sure you all have your calendars ready by now but why not bookmark these beautiful handmade ones I found here and here?

Speaking of Advent, my friend Maddie in New Zealand has organised an Advent Calendar Giveaway to celebrate her first year in blogland and to say thank you to all her readers. She will be giving away a prize a day until Christmas! Pressies galore and open to international readers - better get your skates on!


  1. ils sont magnifiques évidemment.
    As-tu trouvé le temps d'en faire un pour ta fille?

  2. I love these. I am hoping that I get time to put an advent calendar together at my place. Do you have one ready at yours? Stephie x

  3. Stephie, we went for little bags this year based on this
    took me 20 mins to cut out and paste. Looks nice and sav + miles are pleased!

  4. That animal advent made my heart do a little flutter I think.

  5. Bonjour,
    Je découvre votre beau blog!
    Ces magnifiques calendriers de l'avant (et d'autres) ont été publiés dans le magazine féminin allemand Brigitte: et (pour les germanophones) il y a même les explications pour les réaliser. C'est assez simple. Il est encore temps...

  6. Love that first Advent Calendar! Gorgeous!


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