Tuesday 7 December 2010

Inspiration: Christmas Crafts

Diana from Bavaria has a weakness for fabric, furniture design, the sea and handbags. She also pens two great craft blogs, sharing many a craft project and things that inspire her. If you are looking for original craft activities for you and your children in the run up to Christmas,  Oh... My Bag and Caught Crafting have much to offer.

Take your time, there are some really nice ideas to bookmark for next year!

Diana also runs her own small business selling beautiful ribbons and handmade items

Take a peek and say hello from me!


  1. Oh! That's not craft! That's exquisiteness!

  2. wow, i am impressed again. i like the first pic... and the wood... there is so much creative stuff in the world. thank you for the fantastic ideas. perhaps i will do it by myself.


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