Tuesday 28 December 2010

Cintia Martin

 I think some of you will enjoy Spanish illustrator Cintia Martin's blog and portfolio. I discovered her work through Muakbabi recently and I'm looking forward to seeing her two new books coming out in February.

Cintia is thinking of opening an etsy shop and has also collaborated with Muakbabi (I love her kids' T-shirts) so watch out for her designs there.

It may not be quite as colourful, but look at this toy theatre she made from a wooden wine box - reason enough to want to know more...


  1. I am appalled you can't buy ginger beer in France. It's not an alcholic beverage, though with my additions is. Oh the horror of not being able to find it.

  2. we love Cintia Martin's work! is fabulous! thank you Deborah for sharing her illustrations :)

  3. What fun to browse her portfolio! I really enjoy the way she plays with color & pattern in her work. I'm quite fond of her toy theatre as well. Look forward to her book & Etsy shop! Funny the first photo really grabbed my attention. Chris has a hat just like that ( he wore it at our wedding) and Sayer has the same train. Could've easily been taken at our house. :)


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