Sunday 12 December 2010

Five Faves #38

Well, hello there! Having fun?
I bet you're all very busy but when you have time
Here are my Five Faves - enjoy!

1) Favourite Blog - Ribambelles & Ribambins

Prototype rocking toy made from cardboard. Design: John Millns - Leeds College of Art, 1968.
Credit: Design Council Slide Collection. Vads.

Paper animals by Antonio da Lara
credit: Los juguetes de las vanguardias (cat.exposicion) (español)

Prototype sit-on rocking toy made from blue painted cardboard. 
Design: Graham Wainwright - Leeds College of Art, 1968.

2) Favourite Piece of Artwork - Hazel's Contribution to the Butterfly Project.  

The Holocaust Museum in Houston is collecting 1.5 million handmade butterflies in an effort to remember the innocent children that perished during the Holocaust. Why don't you make one with your children? 600,000 people have done so far. 

3) Favourite Couple - Piano and Pianissimo, Cocon

5) Favourite Handmade Toy - Daniel Frost's Kites - lovely!

See you all on Monday!


  1. Oh I love them all! Great faves.. they are all, so original! Hope you have a fabulous weekend. : )

  2. I love how you find things that are all special in their own way, Deb :) That top photo is just fabulous :) Kx

  3. Love the kites! Love your finds!
    Have a happy sunday!

  4. So happy about all your cardboard findings, I am doing a cardboard challenge with furniture students soon I'm sure they will be inspired by these. And then I saw ... thank you. x

  5. There is allways so much to see in your blog!

  6. oh j'adore la première photo!

  7. The paper animals are just gorgeous!


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