Thursday 9 December 2010

Little Cabins

These little cabins by Krys Kirkpatrick from Hutch Studio are some of the nicest Christmas decorations I have ever seen.
Made from a few old children's books (Mother Goose and a couple of Peter Rabbit books from the 1940's), some can be illuminated by a tea light and others have been strung together to make a garland or hanging strand mobile. 

If you manage to buy one (quick, they're selling fast), I'm sure you'll be tempted to keep it on display all year round. Handmade, repurposed and fun, what a lovely, smart addition to your Christmas tree, child's room, nursery or studio space (c'mon, I know you're all big kids at heart!)

Yes - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!


  1. I love these... just went to the site... and I voted for you on Design Blogs for Mom- you have a wonderful eye for interesting design. Thanks for the daily eye candy!

  2. Wow! these are so lovely Debbie. xx

  3. So cute, and Q would adore the rabbits!

  4. So great of you to post this Deb! I just love all of these vintage book cabins that Chris has been making for hutch lately. I have been lucky enough to have him make a few for me too. ;)


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