Saturday 4 December 2010

Honey I Stole Your Jumper

Young British designer Ellen Calvert combines familiar and homely textile crafts with vintage cloth to create original, upcycled products for the home.  I love these satirical motto samplers created from vintage handkerchiefs and embroideries. In a take on the traditional "Home Sweet Home" samplers she over dyes and hand embroiders the vintage fabric to give it new life then screen prints mottos onto the work.

Her current collection Honey I Stole your Jumper includes quirky wall pieces, handknitted cushions and knitted school chairs.  
One to keep an eye on!


  1. Oh what a great idea! And they look so lovely as well - love the 'sox' one. :)

  2. Genius! Love the quirkiness of it! I could definitely do with the recycle one on my home to warn and appease my ecologist sister! :)

  3. My husband would appreciate these - particularly because I do keep my socks on in bed ;)

  4. Brilliant find! I saw these here and just had to write about them myself for Domestic Sluttery:

    I'm looking forward to seeing what Ellen does in the future.

    And, I too, keep my socks on in bed!


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