Monday 29 August 2011

Dans L'Olivette

We've been in the olive grove behind our house tonight.
Andrée, our lovely neighbour, has been picking thyme,
Miles started collecting pine cones
But was too tired to carry them home.
We found a bothy,
Then the sun went down.



  1. Looking at your pictures I can olmost hear les cigalles!

  2. looks warm and sunny, a million miles from London.

  3. There are very beautyful and it seems to be quiet! Magnificent olive groves! Are you happy with new camera?
    You definitely have a nice day :)

  4. this is exactly my dream !!!!!!

  5. Tracey it's still very hot here, although it's bearable now.
    marlen, I take my camera everywhere with me, makes you appreciate all the simple, everyday things more.
    Kinkong, I am sure this looks idyllic to some, but it's very quiet in the country you know!


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