Tuesday 23 August 2011

The Adventures of a Cardboard Box

Savannah and Miles were captivated.
And I suddenly feel quite old.


  1. It seems they are norwegian too:)

  2. Children imagination is the best toy there is....

  3. wonderful little short ... thank you ... I feel a bit old now too! *going off to find cardboard box for adventure of my own!

  4. Great film! Reminds me of the book Christina Katerina and the Box by Patricia Lee Gauch. It also took me back to the times my mother would buy groceries and instead of bagging them the bag boy put them in boxes on the delivery day at the grocers. She would come home and unload and we would take all of the boxes and immediately make a train all through the house. Sweet memories!

    I love your blog! I found it recently and have spent lots of time perusing the archives, wonderful stuff!


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