Wednesday 24 August 2011

Tangrams & Tigers

Looking for an original gift? WeekDay Carnival always has something striking and new in store. I have my eye on their meowing monochrome tiger poster and love the handmade, handpainted wooden block set.  A modern take on tangrams, for play* and display, these ten triangles will add a touch of colour and fun to any room without breaking the bank (15 EUR a set).  Simple, stylish and versatile - on my wishlist now!

* not for small children


  1. oh I love these.... the colours are wonderful!

  2. The blocks are great!

    thanks for sharing such awesome photos too!


  3. tout à fait ce que j'aime...simple graphique beau
    waouh et le blog est très chouette en plus....

  4. Joli comme tout ces vintage trouvailles. Des pensées affectueuses pour toi en passant Déborah!


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