Monday 29 August 2011

Shop Watch: Nonah

French children's furniture maker NONAH is enjoying a lot of back-to-school press coverage at the moment and it's easy to see why.

Alerce Stackable Toy Boxes

Made in Latvia from FSC-certified solid beech wood and coloured with ecological paints, NONAH's designs are smart, modular and fun.

I love the little hole and hide-away-space on the Zinda chair, 

the versatility of their storage solutions

and IKIPI, which my little Miles would play with for hours.

My tastes are changing a little I think; I set out looking for some vintage kids' furniture to share and ended up showing you this. Definitely one I will be following from now on !


  1. Just went to the website. I have seen the bookcasse before but not the pieces you posted. Very cool. Great find (as usual!).

  2. These are gorgeous! I also checked out their site and love their wall unit. Warm woods with pops of colours. Wow! These will certainly be loved by whoever is lucky to purchase them.. and eventually become the vintage pieces you love dearly.. : )

  3. Oh you are reading in my mind! I was just looking for some children furniture! :-)

  4. Wonderful designs! My little boy would love that construction set too.


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