Friday 12 August 2011


Miles woke up this morning and decided he wanted to build a racing car. Out came the notebook and pencil, plans were sketched over breakfast and then into the garage he went with Papa. I don't think I've ever seen him so determined or excited.

They've worked hard all afternoon and been test-driving for the past half hour. A few more tweaks here and there, a lick of paint perhaps... but what a joy to see! No matter how long it lasts, Miles will remember this special moment for years, I'm sure.

This afternoon spent in the workshop reminded me of a trailer I watched a few weeks ago. Part of a series of documentaries entitled Guide To The Poles, produced by Adam Mickiewicz Institut, "Toys" takes a look at the circumstances which shaped the imaginations of todays generation of Polish artists and designers.

"A comb and a few coins, an elastic band, a few bottle caps..." "What has a greater impact on a child's development - a room full of expensive toys or perhaps no toys at all?"

Food For Thought - n'est-ce pas?

More information about the documentary 'Toys" and vintage Polish toys in general from this excellent blog.


  1. What a sweet story! I love it... Sayer & Chris have been working on a clubhouse this summer. It gives me the same feeling. Such wonderful memories. Great video & link too- thanks! Have a nice weekend Deb.

  2. film "Toys" hahahahhaha
    My dear! You are amaizing! I love it!
    Bigggg kis from polish heart!
    xxxx Agata

  3. Did you notice/in one moment you will have a 1000 members??????? WOW ! How you going to celebrate that? ;-DDD

  4. Glad you like the film Agata. It's my Birthday on Tuesday so I'll be doing a giveaway then :)


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