Sunday 7 August 2011

Five Faves #60

Hey, it's good to be back!
I haven't unpacked yet
But I do have a few nice things to share
Hope you like them too!

Bonne Dimanche ! 

 1) Favourite New Snippets - Childhood Delights / Bubbles In The Garden*

2) Favourite New Online Address For Kids & Art Lovers Alike - LMNOP Shop

3) Favourite Designs - Wooden Accessories (and artwork) by Design Furs Heim**

Woodland Hooks

Railroad Shelf

Snake Wardrobe

3) Favourite Photographer - Barbara Berrada, encore et toujours...

(Pre-order Papier Mache - Print Issue 2 with a 20% discount here)

5) Favourite Little Ones - Darling Dandies By Nadia Ronchi


  1. As a hat lover, that is adorable!!!

  2. Those fox ears are amazing..I've never seen anything like them..ever..just great!

  3. I want to wear that wool fox hat!!!

  4. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa ! I love this hat so so much!!!!!! Waow!
    And the Papier mache is really crasy!

  5. Thanks a lot to be one of your five faves!


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