Thursday 4 August 2011


 A breath of fresh air
This week in The Alps.
Our last day tomorrow before we head South.

Bon Week end !

(normal posting will resume soon...)


  1. Lovely pictures. I love the rowan tree, they are not red yet here, but I am looking forward to it.

  2. Ah on les voit les sudistes qui passent leurs vacances à la montagne! ;o)

  3. Your trip looks so beautiful! I'm enjoying your pictures.

  4. Thanks for the comments - always feel like I'm boring people with my pics...
    Oui Alexandra, on en profite, avant de redescendre :)

  5. So lovely - everything looks so clean and beautiful.

    Glad you are having a good time, Stephie x

  6. Lovely pictures, I especially like the lines of cows in this post.

  7. hey you .. so great to have seen your comment on the blog ;) I think if you are at merci next weekend you should also do Bonton (pictures are on my facebook) ANd do go to Grazie.. many reservations so go early or just for a drink ;)
    have fun and let me know how you had it !
    x desiree


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