Monday 31 October 2011

Bodie & Fou

It happens every year doesn't it? It turns November and you think, I'm fine, there's still plenty of time before Christmas. And you're right, there is. But suddenly my inbox is full of new products, new collections, new collaborations, new card designs... and I'm already starting to feel the build up to Christmas on the internets.

It's an exciting time, the run up to Christmas and the prospect of a new year. It can also be stressful; I for one hate shopping for hours looking for the right gift, and as time goes by, I'm much happier looking online and choosing in the comfort of my own home.

I like to simplify as I get older, I just don't have the time to do otherwise. Give me a one-stop online shop like Bodie & Fou and I'm a happy lady. Even the name's stylish, right?

Bodie & Fou have worked hard to establish themselves as one of the leading concept stores on the web (and one of the top interior design blogs according to the Telegraph!). I've been following these two French sisters for years and am delighted to share the news about their new 32-page Winter catalogue, full of gift ideas and inspiration for your home.

I know for a fact that this new catalogue was made with love, and it shows. There's something for all ages, for budgets big and small, and it's full of little styling tips and addresses that make you want to rearrange every room!

UK readers can order Bodie & Fou's brand new mail order catalogue free of charge here and international customers are invited to peruse the digital catalogue online.

 "Do more of what makes you happy" - Yes, Karine and Elodie, I think I will, merci!

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