Sunday 23 October 2011

Five Faves #64

It's been a while since I put together a Five Faves post so although I'm holiday in the UK I thought I'd make an effort and share some of my recent favourite links.
I hope you're enjoying your weekend, wherever you may be.
Ready, steady go!

1) Favorite Twosome - Vintage Banks from Luola*

2) Favourite Touch of Paint - Knobs & Rattles from Weekday Carnival

3) Favourite Handmade Dolls - Sarah Stracham - How Beautiful!

4) Favourite New Wallpaper Design  - Renée Rossouw (available here)
And that SpringBock from here

5) Favourite Piece of News - The Re-Print of Henri's Walk To Paris by Saul Bass

And, as a bonus, these lovely balloon hats via Hazel Terry - enjoy!


  1. LOVE that wig/hat! So fab.

  2. incredible collection of stuff as usual!

  3. Hello, Just to say thank you for featuring me last week (and last year).The Guardian Angel Bear sold straight away having been seen here - thank you again!Love everything on here!

    Shelagh x

  4. Love the video! Love the message behind it. Thanks Deb :)

  5. Je suis scotchée par cette vidéo! Complètement fan de ce genre de délire!


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