Wednesday 26 October 2011


 You've heard the tales about the attic, the treasures stored in darkness.
 Boxes, boxes, piles of years, heavy now with dust.

Floorboards creak, one then two, torch in hand you dare
To turn the key, unlock the past, let it breathe, live once more.

Sewn by Aunt Amelia, or was it Mary Jane?
Stitch by stitch, button by button,
Made with love by hand
For those forever after.

Rachel Faucett has been as busy as a bee. It started with an idea, a vision of classic, timeless clothes tailored from the finest fabrics. Special handmade 'family' clothes with a history and a future. She found herself a small team of helpers and they spent their Summer sewing, peacock feather by peacock feather. 
Dreams do come true, sometimes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present Rachel's new, four-piece heirloom collection, designed exclusively for Anthropolgie: Love Letter Dress, Merry Mount Dress, Love Letter Bloomer and Little Plume Coat (divine!).



  1. That red neck is too charming!

  2. Gorgeous! I wish they came in my size - except maybe the pantaloons - I really don't think that I could get away with wearing those!

    Stephie x


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