Monday 10 October 2011

Sponsor Meet & Greet: French Blossom



 And Stylish

I like that...

I have lived in France for over twenty-five years now and although I'm still very British in many ways,  I have to admit that the French have a certain-je-ne-sais-pas-quoi that really sets them apart. Yes, they are stylish, well-groomed, très chic, as the cliché goes,  I see it everyday - at the school gates. And so do Nicholas and Meriem, the British and French duo behind the new online children's shop French Blossom.

 Having resided in Paris for many years and been inspired by the elegance and style of children's fashion in France, Nicholas and Meriem decided to create an online boutique showcasing exclusively chic and stylish independent French children's designers. They have travelled the land to bring together a cherry-picked selection of 100% French children's clothing, accessories, toys and home decor, including a few of K&C's favourites: Zu, Rose Minuscule, Barnabé aime le café, Janod and the beautiful Rose Desbois, Merveilles, Louis Louise, Les Simones, Mikielou,... with more surprises to come.

Take your time to explore French Blossom. Their site is fresh and clean, and I think you'll find something for everyone, babies, girls and boys, at all prices. French Blossom also offer flat-rate shipping for France and Europe (6 and 12 EUR respectively).

To celebrate the opening of their new online boutique, Nicholas and Meriem would like to offer Kickcan and Conkers' readers a 15% discount on all of the items in their shop. If you would like to take advantage of this generous discount, please use the promotional code kac01 at checkout. There is no minimum order but readers may only use the promotional code once. This offer will run for one week (Monday-Monday) and seems like the ideal opportunity to start some (French) Christmas shopping - in style!

Celebrating French Fashion For Children!

Merci !

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