Friday 28 October 2011

Modéerska Huset AW2011

I was talking to my friend Hazel Terry the other day about how my blog had changed over the past two years. If you go right back to June 2009 and read a few of my first posts you will obviously recognise my style but also find a lot more 'arty' stuff. I never intended for Kickcan & Conkers to be solely a 'Kids' Design' blog  (and I'm not entirely sure that it is...) but somewhere along the line it became one. I'm not complaining, I can still share my other art-design-vintage finds on pinterest, twitter and tumblr (when I find time!) and hopefully you will follow me on those networks too. However, when I come across an "arty' kids' fashion brand (0-6 years)  like the fledgling Swedish company Modéerska Huset I have to say that I am one happy lady!

Jenny Modéer, the founder of Modéerska Huset, has just launched her first Autumn/ Winter collection and boy is it colourful and fun (look at the babies' leggings). If I tell you that the hand drawn / hand printed patterns in her new collection are called Starry Sky, Acorn, Fly Balloon and Carnèvale, and that all of the materials used are eco-friendly - bamboo, organic cotton, recycled fibers - then you'll understand why I'm delighted to present this collection.

Now all you need to do is go and have a look for yourself... Bet you fall in love with that scarf!


  1. I didn't know you were on pinterest, so glad to have found you (I want to repin everythng, haha).

    I love this collection, especially those funky round bearded men, too funny!

  2. The style of these remind me of Mr McGee books by Pamela Allen.

  3. You are for my not only 'arty' and not 'kids' you are much more than that ;-) I will not try to put you to any of 'category' . You are open, fresh and full of surprise every day. Different moods and things ;-D You have an amazing eye for objects and thats a big strength! some time I love them some time not ;-D and that's fantastik. Keep the good job rolling !xxxxx agata

  4. Great collection, really strong graphics, catching up late on these after being away.


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