Tuesday 18 October 2011


Mascha's just turned three.

She's a happy, agile, headstrong little girl who's as equally at ease exploring the world on her new vintage tricycle (a flea market find) as she is teetering around in her mum's high-heeled wedges.

Mascha's very into shoes at the moment, and, like many children of her age, loves pretend play - cooking and filling bags, bags and more bags are a couple of her current favourite pastimes I'm told (she likes to pack her mum's mobile phone, just in case!)

Technically speaking, Mascha isn't an only child because she has an older half-brother (18 years) but from my experience, it's as if (I'm not sure whether or not her brother still lives with her). She likes to be around her mum and dad and plays pretty much everywhere in their Berlin apartment.

 Mascha's bedroom is bright, clean and colourful. I love white children's spaces with pops of colour. Her mum Indre Zetsche (probably her dad too!) has created a happy, stimulating and functional space, combining vintage and modern finds: flea market and e-bay treasures (they love Fisher Price toys), eye-catching artwork, IKEA furniture and a couple of simple but clever DIY arrangements (blackboard paint drawers and Indre's rope wardrobe, which you can get a better look of here).  A strong palette of black, white and red dominates, as you can see:

One of Indre's favourite pieces in Mascha's room is her Offi blackboard table bought off e-bay:

  (product photo)

and I like the colourful display of carefully-chosen children's books, much loved by her daughter (Indre is passionate about children's literature and illustration, you can follow her second blog here).

Mascha loves to sing, dance, climb and explore, suffice to say she is a very lucky, happy little girl surrounded by beautiful, stimulating objects and has lots of space and liberty to explore, play and grow. Most importantly, she is greatly loved by her parents and family.
Thank you for letting us take a peek into your world Mascha, and thank you for all the interesting links Indre!

Decorating Tips: Snug Bear: SNUG, Wooden name blocks: Kleinholz, Alphabet print: Enna , Circus cushion cover: Zialee, Blackboard table: Offi, Wooden toy camera: Annasusanna Peter und Hanna.

Next week we'll be flying to Scotland to visit Freya's room, I can't wait to show you that. If you'd like to share your child's playspace or bedroom, send me an email, I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Lovely room!
    And I love the picture of Mascha, cool! =)

  2. Thank you so much, dear Deborah, for that lovely post!

  3. What a cool little lady, and a lovely home too. I will be looking forward to the next tour :) x

  4. My favourite type of decor, what a cool room for a cool little girl. Love her bob! Great post :)

  5. Love it. Love lots of colour. And love that it is not too staged....get a bit fed up with super styled spaces that look like nobody lives in.


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