Wednesday 16 November 2011

Five Faves #67

Well, I've been a bit slack with my Five Faves posts of late, haven't I?
I'm behind with lots of things in fact, but rest assured, I haven't forgotten...

I'm working round the clock to finish my online shop before I go to England next Tuesday (bad timing I know, as soon as it's finished I disappear, but you can have a gander or two, and I will be so relieved to finally launch my little shop).
Kickcan & Conkers will be going live very soon, and if you happen to be in West Yorkshire next weekend (25-27th November), I will also be exhibiting with my sister at the Living North Christmas Market taking place at Harewood House.

It's all happening, it's exciting, if I can just keep awake a little bit longer...

Shall we?

1) Favourite Handmade Creation - Largo by Julie Adore (credit photo: Be My Boat)


2) Favourite Vintage Find - Ellen's Wonderful Animal Alphabet - Amazing!


4) Favourite Bigcartel Shop - Katrine K (of Magifabrik fame) - check out her postcard sets!

Favourite Dwanda Find - Buch Kinder (Thank You Ahoimeise)

Right, 3.15 am, better get back to work on my little shop...


  1. Wonderful news, looking forward to wander through your online shop and best of luck at Harewood House :)

  2. I love every single one. Great finds :-)

  3. Love it all, and wish I could come and help you with your shop, hope it is a great success.

  4. Love it and good luck with shop and Christmas Market!

  5. Hi Deborah! Thanks for showing my animal alphabet. I'm looking forward to seeing your shop, hopefully it'll give me a boost to start working on mine... Have a great time in England! Love, Ellen

  6. I love KaterineK's postcards! I have written several posts om her work


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