Wednesday 30 November 2011


A very slow start this morning after a very long long journey back.
The dishwasher's broken and Miles has a tummy bug
But the sun is shining and it's good to be home.
A bowl of hot Ricoré and I'm yours.


Vintage French bowl - Petits Details
Vintage black linen worker's shirt - Les Puces de Vanves, Paris -  a present from my sister
Vintage French Bowl - Rue des Louves
Black & White window cushion cover - a present from Marlen


  1. Ah ben voilà ce qui va te faire venir plus sûrement au magasin: un bon bol de ricoré !!! je ne savais pas, sinon, je te l'aurais proposé plus tôt ;o))

  2. having a proustian moment just looking at those bowls! i can even smell my Benco!


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